We propose to you to spend a few days of holidays in a typically Cevennes farmhouse, entirely renovated; a beautiful swimming pool within an enchanter landscape will accommodate you !

One of the sceneries that you can discover during your hiking…

The Mas was build on the slopes of the mountain where they used a first spring. This last spring is still visible on the first stonewalled terrace at your arrival. The water had to be caught with a bucket… Ever since two other springs were discovered and conducted to the Mas. One of these sources was explored by my great grandfather, Auguste Viala, who also constructed the stone bridge across the river, together with his father Paul Viala, to make it easier to go to the village. My father, Marcel, had to re-dig the whole stretch, 400 meters, to change the plumb hose by a pvc one. He had to dig sometimes over more than two meters and. with his hands of course; this was before the latest war.

Under the surveillance of my grandfather Louis, my father and my uncle Jean conducted the last source “Pierre Grosse” (fat stone) to the Mas over a distance of 900 meters. I remember this very well since my brother Jean-Louis and I had to work very hard!! The water of this source is of a high quality and supplies the Mas nowadays with its water.

The arches were both sources arrive:


During these same years we could plant also the latest chestnut tree yard at the west side of the Mas. You can see the beauty of this spot when you come over to this place…

A picture of the chestnut yard at the end of October:

The meadow in June under the Mas where the hay is ready to be collected and stocked:

The river along the meadow:

Some treasures…the specialists will tell you that you can find all these cheerful things in the mountains…on the ground!!!