We propose to you to spend a few days of holidays in a typically Cevennes farmhouse, entirely renovated; a beautiful swimming pool within an enchanter landscape will accommodate you !

Mas Picard exists since several centuries, as we know from the evaluation of the window-openings, which are more than four hundred years old. Since the end of the 18th century, just after the French Revolution this Mas became family property.
Our family lived (and still lives) also in another house in the village, in the part  called La Gurailler, in a house which according to the notary files was dated before 1792, the house where I (André) was born. My father Marcel and my mother Francine (deceased now) had five children: Jean-Louis, Marie-Claire, Françoise, André and Noël. They were real farmers ; agriculturists as they say nowadays, and we all have spent a lot of time helping them.

Before us, my grand parents Louis Desvignes et Emma Viala lived in this house. Louis came originally from the North of France (Ligny Tillois near by Bapaume); he came in the South of France during the First World War. Emma was the village teacher and worked also in Lasalle as a teacher during a long time. Louis had a restaurant in Colognac in another house located in the village, where nowadays my uncle Jean (Shepard, retired) and his wife Renée (medical doctor, also retired) live. My father and my uncle Jean were both born in the mas Picard, in 1923 and 1926.

Some pictures of the Mas:

Another one with the meadows on the lower part, with the sheep (les “beligues”):